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Who Is Erik Stark?

You may recognize Erik from one of the many underground interviews he has been featured on sharing his in depth knowledge of real estate acquisition and finance. Perhaps you have seen him on stage revealing how his partner and himself have bought and flipped over 400 properties in just 5 years. Maybe Erik knocked on your door this past Thanksgiving to deliver you and your family a meal for the holidays.

Perhaps you don’t know him at all. Well, now its time to meet The Real Erik Stark. Over the last 10 years, Erik has transformed his life from being an unfulfilled car flipping, detail shop manager to a happily married (of 12 incredible years), oceanside living, Rockstar Dad and real estate expert who is already on his first retirement.

Not only has Erik lived a large life over these past 10 years, but Erik repeatedly breaks down his barriers to achieve life at its fullest. Whether in business, relationships, marriage, parenting, giving back or just learning to enjoy the great life he has earned without having any guilt, Erik repeatedly sets out to conquer and crush his life’s adversities.

Follow along as Erik shares his Golden Nuggets and Revelation Breakthroughs.

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Learn How To Buy Your First (Or Next) Real Estate Property, Without Spending Thousands on Home Study Courses, Losing Hundreds on Failed Marketing Campaigns, Getting Black Booked By Realtors and Burning Yourself Out Before You Even Get In The Game


Are You Ready To Start Crushing It In Real Estate…Just Not Sure Where to Begin? Ill Tell You EXACTLY What I Did When Moved to Florida and Built a New Business From Nothing…Plus You Will Get Answers From 25 of The Nations Top Investors On What They Would Do If They Had to Start Over.


Are you tired of living a life that doesn’t define you? Live the life you truly desire by knowing WHAT MATTERS and making it a part of your daily routine. The WHAT MATTERS growth journal is the answer to getting buried in lifes ever growing “to do” list that no matter how filled it gets or how many boxes get checked off, doesn’t define you at your core. The What Matters journal is currently in its pre release phase. If you would like to be considered for the first edition release, please enter your email or contact us at


Let your marketing become your hardest working employee… In today’s saturated real estate market, not knowing who your ideal avatar is will have you speaking to everyone as if they have the same needs. By not knowing who your avatar is, you’ll never know what it is they are looking for and therefore you’ll be sending messages that have virtually no mental impact on them at all. By not knowing what messages you are communicating, you dont know what problems you have to solve.
All this leads to wasted advertising dollars.
Understanding what triggers probate owners to respond is much different than someone dealing with financial distress. Understanding how to hyper focus your target market is the New Economy way to increase your revenue while gaining more market share. In this report Ill reveal the simple-to-implement six step process that once its created, will become the hardest working “employee” on your team that is available for the market to respond to 24 hours a day. No magic. No BS. Just the boiled down proven process that today’s most successful investors and companies use to discover ONLY those who are looking for their services and communicate to them specifically.
I guarantee you will see ever increasing market share year after year once you implement this process into your business.


Looking for a low cost way to build a real buyers list? Don’t waste your time trying to build a 4000 person buyer list. Truth us, we sell to our same 7-10 buyers over and over and over. Learn how to build a hyper active, focused buyers list of ready, willing and able buyers who pay cash, close fast and don’t care how much money you make.


Looking for a streamlined, no nonsense approach to getting sellers down to reality?
The easy to read report will show you a simple strategy that we have used to purchase several hundred properties. It offers no magic fairy dust to making sellers sign on the dotted line. However this simple-to-follow, tried and true process gets your sellers to open up, let their guard down, reveal their pain points and have you two talking like old friends.. Through a series of non invasive questions, creating a “yes” state environment and getting the seller to agree with you, you will have armed yourself with a bulletproof process for discovering motivated sellers.
Inside you’ll find our exact strategy, questions and time line for revealing seller motivation. You’ll also receive the seller reference card to use before you make and take phone calls. We’ll also throw in a copy of The 9 Words To NEVER Use With A Seller and Our Seller Objection cheat sheet.
Grab your copy of this easy-to-read, simple-to-implement seller negotiation strategy and you’ll finally feel in control of your conversations with sellers.

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