A Line In The Sand… (***A Love Story About Pain, Sacrifice and Celebration***)

Today marks one of the most incredible days of my life. Not only am I celebrating the birth of my son Kaiden Christian but at this very time, exactly one decade ago, I was drawing a line in the sand. Although it wasn’t on the beach. Actually it wasn’t even in a sand box. We didn’t have a sandbox to draw a line in…

What seems like a blink has been ten incredible years in my life that would have never occurred if I had not chosen to make a sacrifice that day.

At 8:36 AM on January 11, 2006, I was sitting in the Mt Clemens General Hospital holding our new son. Part of me was overwhelmed with joy unspoken. A joy that I have never felt ever before in my life.

Another part of me was anxious and terrified. I had never been a dad before. Most of my life up till this point was spent working (since age 11). I was no stranger to hard work so I had no fear about making changes that meant I would have to work harder. The true root of my anxiety is that I would continue to work harder and harder and not be able to provide adequately for my family. I also had anxiety that if I was able to provide for my family I would not be able to enjoy the lifestyle I created for them and spend the time needed to be a REAL father.

I’m learning today that although money plays a large role, nothing can take place of “being there” for your child as he is growing up. Even as I reflect today, and realize 10 years has truly been a blink in our lives, I realize how much I continue to sacrifice to allow my son to have the “things” I did not have growing up. Much more time could be spent enjoying the sheer appreciation of our presence. Lifes truest presents are found in our presence.

Ill never forget the feelings I had that day. I remember that was the first time I EVER sat down to write concrete goals to my life. I remember I wrote them all down and began reciting them over and over so I would no longer have to look at them. I remember signing them and knowing I could not just sit and stare and memorize these but I had to ACT. I still have those goals today and accomplished EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Ill never forget having to make this sacrifice that has allowed me to get where we are today…still with my family…growing in love and life each and every day.

Ill never forget having to figure out how I am going to have to tell my wife what I was about to tell her. I never was good with words so I broke it out as best as I could…not fully knowing if this sacrifice would pay off and be worth what I was about to do!

On that very day, just after my gorgeous wife gave agonizing birth to our son, at 430 PM, I walked over to her bedside and told her something that changed our lives forever.

I remember looking in her eyes as she sat up holding Kaiden. I smiled and said “Michelle, I love you. This is going to be an amazing journey for us. I am looking forward to being the best father I can be to our son.”

With that said, I also told her that I had to leave.

She looked up at me so confused. We had just ate so she knew I was not going down to the cafeteria to eat. She knew I was not going to leave her so I could finally get a good nights sleep at home after sleeping on a chair for the past two nights.

“Where do you have to go”? She softly asked

I explained to her that I was going to become a real estate investor and that tonight was the first meeting I was going to attend on this new journey.

“You have to go tonight”?

Ill never forget the pain I felt inside having to leave my wife at the hospital all alone while I went and sat at my first real estate investor meeting.

That feeling is indescribable. Yet I knew that these feelings would be overcome by the new life I was going to be able to provide for my family.

I dont recall if there were tears coming down my face that night but I do remember how low I felt having to leave my wife for that time, regardless of how short it was.


I returned that night a new man. Someone who had peeked into the window of prosperity and knew it was going to be alright.

Alot has happened since that night. It hasn’t always been fun.

Yet one thing remains absolutely certain. A new life opened up for us.

A life we certainly would not have lived had I kept managing a detail shop and flipped cars.

A life that has allowed us to create a lifestyle that put Kaiden into private schools since pre k

A life that improved all of our health statuses as it raised our income significantly

A life that allowed me to be a better husband because our money issues were out of the way

A life that allowed us to be at every school event ever held at Kaidens school

A life that has allowed us to travel to more places by the time Kaiden was 6 than his grandpa had traveled his whole life

A life that has allowed us the opportunity to show Kaiden what it is like to bless people all over the world and locally through giving and charity

A life that has brought on challenge, awareness, hardship, growth, breakthrough and so much more that would have not been possible had I stuck with what I was doing.

Shelleigh Anne Stark, I want to thank you for making that sacrifice beside me that day. You are the most amazing Proverbs 31 woman ever and have become ever-more beautiful each day since we met.

You are the most incredible mother to our son and on this day I celebrate many many great things

All of which would not be possible if it was not for you making these sacrifices with me from day one.

I hope it has all been worth it for you

Happy 10th Birthday to the founder of Kaidens Cars (go like his page…it will be the greatest gift to him ever to support his passion) Mr Kaiden Christian

I love you both dearly.

You are my everythings in life.

Happy Birthday Son.