Live Your Best Life Now

Just how exactly do we live our best life now?

Rather than give you a long blog post to sift through with a summary of action steps at the end, I am going to give you the action steps now and then the breakdown to support it afterward.

Some people can “get it” just by reading a quick overview. Most (like me) need more understanding.

If YOU want to live your best life now, Dale Carnegie, Henry Ford and Napoleon Hill have all confirmed what you need to do…and if YOU TOO want to live your best life now, this is all you have to do right here…

1. Visualize What You Want

2. Make It CRYSTAL Clear in Your Mind (Being clear is a vitally important part)

3. Create A Plan to Achieve What You Want

4. Turn That Plan into Action (this is where the real

5. Adjust As You Progress Down Your Path to Remain On Course

It is no secret. If you want something, all you have to do is DO IT.

The problem is, well, that’s why its usually not enough to just give the action steps to a process.

We expect that by giving someone the recipe to success, we think that they will just somehow make it to the finish line.

However the reality is that people show up to different opportunities with different skill sets, expectations, biases and circumstances.

Before your brain even processes what I am trying to explain, it has to first off sort out all the thoughts, emotions, biases and life experiences that it has stored up from your previous life experiences.

These thoughts, emotions, biases and experiences are standing directly in between what I am telling you and they are trying their best to determine where to place this new information. Some if it will resonate, some of it will not.

However, until it figures out how to properly compartmentalize this information, much of it becomes information overload which leads to us doing nothing with this new “profound” information.

(Does this sound familiar to many past experiences?)

So now that you know that you WANT to live your best life now, I am going to remove the first layer of HOW to live your best life now.

Start where you are.

That’s it. Simply, start where you are. Now I am sure you were lookin for something shiny and soft and cuddly that was going to appear as magic to your situation and give this never before heard of formula for living your best life.

And part of the reason life has become so difficult IS BECAUSE OF today’s shiny, soft, magic formulas that make you feel  as if life is going to change radically without something radical happening first.

You see, human brains make decisions based on emotion and justify them with facts.

Do you know WHICH facts? Yes you guessed it. Only the ones that FULLY support what it is you TRULY want to hear.

More people are not living their best life now is BECAUSE their emotions are too involved.

They do not know how to separate the actions from their feelings.

With today’s distractions and images of nearly everyone living life on cloud nine with perfect bodies, amazing relationships, endless money and luxuries so opulent its no wonder our emotions put a brick wall in front of our desire to take action.

This is where we get stuck.

Wanting something to the point where we actually see it happening, but never taking the first step because our emotions get involved.

So lets recap so far…

If you want to achieve something here is the “formula” (don’t squint at me, this info is straight from the greatest men who conquered their respective fields before today’s distractions were around)

1. Visualize What You Want

2. Make It CRYSTAL Clear in Your Mind

3. Create A Plan to Achieve What You Want

4. Turn That Plan into Action

5. Adjust As You Progress Down Your Path.

In order for you to achieve you have to FIRST BEGIN. This means overcoming your emotions that tell you “I’m tired” or your feelings telling you “I am not you and don’t work as fast”.



Those steps were MY STEPS to success and while 80% of what you are taught will serve as a frame work to getting you most of the way there, its that 20% that makes all the difference in the world.

That 20% is you admitting you can do this, knowing where you are is different from everyone else and being CRYSTAL CLEAR on the goal and COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE in how you get there.

Does this make sense?

I know my challenge is immense since so much of what we see today is led to believe us that THIS EXACT process is THE WAY, AND ONLY WAY to getting this result.

That’s not the way it works.

If you can separate your emotions from the action steps of getting where you want to go, you will quickly realize that BY JUST STARTING, you will have began LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE NOW.


This is a lie that has the whole world fooled that if you don’t look like your instagram feed, then you are less than worthy.

Don’t base it on results. Base it on commitment, activity and STEADY progress.

So lets re-summarize how you can begin living your best life now...

  1. Grab a sheet of paper
  2. Write down three-five simple goals you want to achieve
  3. Create an action plan to get there
  4. TAKE ACTION by Starting Where you Are

That’s IT.

Remember that DONE is the new PERFECT and waiting to begin until things are perfect are the biggest robbers of Starting Where You Are.

ANYTHING that gets in between you STARTING WHERE YOU ARE is a lie that is meant to distract you from LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE NOW.


Start living your best life NOW by taking these simple action steps. The time is going to pass by anyway.

Wont you be much happier when you are looking back at the last 12 months and seeing how far you have come JUST BY GETTING STARTED.

I am grateful for your commitment to take action.

I want to hear about your experience and breakthroughs. Comment below or simply email me your results if you prefer not to make it public. Email me at

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