Living Fearlessly.

Fearless: (adj) The restriction of being held back any fear that limits your ability to live to your fullest capacity, love life at your best or face death!

Take a quick analysis! Are you living to your full potential every day? Do you constantly strive for growth (especially when its painful)? Are you afraid of death? What pictures flash through your mind when you hear the word fearless?

To truly live fearless you have to be ready to stare down death in the face and kick its teeth in and you have to do it daily. To truly live fearless you have to gain full conscious control of your brain and command its potential. You can walk around and see the masses of living dead moping their way through life and this post is not going to be a wuss-fest of sympathy for those who have programmed themselves to accept mediocrity in life.

Fearless living is an active approach to everything in your life! Its going out and not caring about the consequences of your actions (we’re not talking morally here). Taking back your health, conquering a new business, controlling your thoughts, doing whats on your agenda and never committing to anything less that leads to your ultimate liberation.

Mankind was created with unlimited potential until sin came along and began self defeating thoughts and the downward spiral for life has continued ever since. Most people cant handle the opposition of choosing their own path in life. It is much easier to conform to the sheepish ways of this world and do as the media, your friends, co workers and thoughts tell you.

Most people create prisons around themselves based on fears that never even occur. They live in a passive world where the influences of life instill constant terror into their thoughts preventing them from ever taking a step of bold faith and push that resistance clean off the cliff.

Start living fearless right now by writing down all of your deepest fears and make the commitment to conquer them in the next 30 days! No excuses. Jump from that air plane*. Ride that roller coaster*. Lay with tarantulas*. Confront your spouse*. Give that public speech. You will find that 99% of fears instilled in your mind will never happen.

Don’t get living fearless confused with not caring about this world. Actually, when you find the perfect balance of serving others mixed with an active approach to becoming a natural leader you will be well on your way to living fearlessly. The worlds most desireable trait is to live on your own terms. Everyone strives for money, power and respect at some level but 98% of this world is scared to admit they want this lifestyle.

Dare to dig deep and find the core of your existence! What really makes you come alive?

I’d like to paint a picture for those who don’t agree with living fearlessly to help you understand why putting yourself first increases your ability to give far more than you are giving now. I recently was getting ready to take off on a flight and the stewardess was going over the whole safety operation like they always do but this time it struck me as an analogy for life. When she was describing how to handle the breathing apparatus, I noticed she said, “put your mask on FIRST so you can then assist with those around you”. My immediate thought was “damn that, I’m getting my son’s on first”. Well after I thought for a moment longer,  I corrected my thinking to “how much help will I be if I DON’T get mine on first”? Im dead in the water along with my whole family. But if I get my apparatus on FIRST, now I have the ability to help the masses and let my capabilities expand throughout the whole plane.

Now do you see why putting yourself first allows you to expand your ability to help others? Start living by this new set of rules and watch the world command a spot for you to reign as a fearless leader!

•  Think so what, instead of what if- Put a stop to the consequences of your actions before you’re even done committing to them. Your mind will come up with a thousand reasons why “this isn’t a good idea” and you haven’t even taken a step toward liberation yet.

•  Find the core reason of your existence- Look back at the times when you were glowing with passion. What were you doing to live outside the norm? Discover what it is that makes you come alive and take an active step toward this new life every day. Go out of your way if you have to. Reclaim the excitement inside you that you once felt and repeat it every day. Before long you will be fully immersed in this new way of life and (the right) people will naturally gravitate towards you that help fuel your passion.

•  Say what you mean and mean what you say- Eben Pagan says the greatest form of living is living in a state of awareness. The greatest, rare form of awareness is willpower. Begin training your brain to respond to people (and your own thoughts) with what you really are meaning to say. Use powerful words of influence that affirm with conviction. Words like “I’m Committed”, “definitely”, “I am powerful”! Talk like you want to talk, not that which people expect you to talk. “Be the original version of yourself rather than a knockoff of someone else”!

•  Don’t let others create your philosophy- Buddha sums this up best by saying “don’t believe anything you have been told, unless it agrees with your own common sense”. Develop your own means of liberation. What is living fearlessly mean to you? Develop an unshakable confidence that that leads to your independent thinking. Turn off the negative news, turn your car into a rolling university of positive influence, let people stare at you funny when your blasting Tony Robbins verbally kicking your ass, as you begin to remove the negative assumptions in your life, you will develop a healthy “who really cares” attitude that leads you to personal growth and in turn you can dish it back out to others looking for breakthrough.

•  Turn Challenges into opportunity- Stop putting off the biggest setbacks in your life and face them head on with the mindset of creating opportunity. What you focus on does expand so from this day forward you can look at your options in life as opportunity to conquer and grow or to push away and neglect. You will one day face all responsibilities and you will find out they are rarely as challenging as your brain has told you.

You are indeed on a new path in life and there is no free ride to the promise land. I am also not one who is going to tell you it will be fun, but I do promise it will be worth it. Make the commitment today to put a halt to your downward spiral in life and reroute your energy to build you up. Get a new circle of influence. Reclaim your health. Take your spouse out dancing. Surprise your kids with generous rewards when they are responsible. Find a mentor and mentee. With every hand up that reaches toward the sky, put the other hand down and bring someone up to new heights. Start with a journal to record and reflect along the way. When you have a breakthrough aha moment, write it down so you can relive it at any time. Create your new mantra for living. Wake up one hour earlier and read anything by Jim Rohn. Watch this video every morning!


*I am not giving any advice that could physically or mentally harm your ability to live. Consult your physician before engaging in any activities that may pose life threatening complications. I am not a doctor or attorney offering any legal, medical or other suggestions that could impact your ability to live.

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