Manifest The Life You Want

“For As You Believe, So Shall You Become” Proverbs 23:7
Disclaimer: This is not a ridiculous claim to sit back and think you can do nothing but wish for greatness and it will appear.
We have all experienced it. That new car you want, the one you start seeing at all the corners and stop lights. It makes you declare it even more.
Little do you realize the shockwave you send to the world when you declare it…but you do!
I am not speaking of some hyped up affirmation or instant success BS that comes without you putting forth an effort. I speak from my last real life experience and even the last several years of my life of slowly moving up from an apt to the picket fenced American Dream.
I have done it with all the cars I have owned, my marriage, several of my business goals and even the EXACT neighborhood I live in now…and YOU can too.
I remember the first time I vacationed to S Florida (where we now live). It was February 2013 and I had driven down to South Florida with my business partner to Ft Lauderdale. We rented a condo on the ocean, ran our Michigan business from our room and drove through neighborhoods where we wanted to begin buying property. We toured a lot of areas. One in particular seemed more magical than the rest. A quiet and exclusive boating community, less than a 1/4 mile from the beach, near the causeway, in a highly demanding romantic part of town. I remember looking at the sign as you entered the community-Palm Tree lined streets, waterfront mansions, yachts and speedboats line the canals, joggers and walkers maintaining their physical fitness. It was just incredible. Sensory overload from the typical Michigan neighborhood I am used to driving.
I remember thinking how great it would be to live here. Wondering how much it would cost and immediately complimented that thought with a “I don’t care if I lived in the smallest house in the neighborhood, at least I live here” response.
I spent a lot of time in that community, driving streets, talking with neighbors. The more I searched, the more exclusive it became. I immediately turned my thought into an action. I declared “I will live in this community with my family”. I followed that up with written concrete form and even dropped a postcard to my wife telling her about it. It was that special that I just had to write home about it.
As I write this rough draft, you should know that just 5 months later, the stars aligned, we packed up, shipped out and moved to Florida and I am sitting in our home right here in Harbor Village.
As humans, little do we realize, that we always get what we want. I don’t mean the little half hearted, “I want to win the lotto” type of wants. Those are often shallow, empty dreams. I am talking about the wants that stir your blood. They keep you up late and rise you out of bed early. They keep your mind churning throughout the day.
So how do you manifest your life into reality?
Simple…but not easy.
When was the last time you lost yourself in a lofty dream? What goals have you shoved aside because too much of life has taken over? What are your deepest passions?
Those are the ideas that strike such a deep nerve that it jolts the universe for reciprocity to circle back and deliver your results.
Typically we think it is just too crazy for the world to deliver you results and most minds test (normally to prove it wrong and ridiculous) this principle with asking for a pizza (delivered of course) while they watch purposeless sitcoms and give nothing to the world during their quest in life.
It just doesn’t work that way but I would like to show you how it does work for those people.
Ever notice how people who consume endless hours of worthless tube and over indulge on pizza typically live petty, little piddly lives of quiet desperation?
They live in a filthy, unfurnished apartment, have unhealthy eating habits, a junky car, clothes from 15 years ago…
Hang around these people for only one day and you will see why they complain all day, the world is against them, life is too hard, their boss is a jerk. What they are doing when they complain is manifesting that life sucks and they get…you guessed it more suckiness.
Now what happens when you hang around a millionaire, or even a business owner or someone with gratitude and all day they proclaim (and manifest) victory. To close another deal, lose another pound, help another family and they get more victories.
Dont be a naive mind that says, “Im too deep in debt” or “Ive tried that and it doesn’t work” and quit. You will not see your manifest overnight or perhaps even in a year yet one thing is for sure…that time will surely come to pass and you can either be more suckier or victorious when that time arrives.
So here is what you need to do (and what I do daily)
  • Get lost in la la land and dig up your dusty dreams
  • Rediscover your passions and increase their presence in your life
  • Write them down on an index card and your bathroom mirror. I also have a inspiring photo with this weeks inspiration to keep as my screensaver on my iPhone to increase the awareness. Read these. Several times. Out loud. Daily.
  • Put actions behind these dreams to turn them into goals
  • Do two things to bring these to fruition each week (if its something like “get healthy” as the goal, don’t make “buy gym membership” the action. Too much of the wrong action will reduce your desire to acquire. Start by “walking the block each morning”. There are some goals I attack with excessive force but I typically focus on getting 1% better each week on my goals
When I “put it out there” that I will live up in this community there was massive action behind it. Bringing my family down, praying a lot, looking up houses all the time, calling, mailing, praying, working out things we had going in Michigan, leasing our home, packing, shipping & uprooting our lives.
Through it all, whatever you may believe about the universe ability to deliver pizza or happiness, 1 inherent truth will prevail, 365 days from now you will either be better off or worse off. Today is the day you choose the outcome.