5 Ways To Structure Your Next Real Estate Deal.

In The Long Run, Education Is Better Than Money” – Robert Kyosaki

Don’t Wait to Buy Real Estate. Buy Real Estate and Wait” -Will Rodgers

In this episode we discuss 5 Ways to Structure Your Next Real Estate Deal.

Entering into the world of creative real estate allows you to design a whole new structure to your real estate business that doesn’t formally fit into “arms-length” foundations. By understanding the legal possibilities, being able to hear a sellers real needs and by knowing how to convey a win win scenario, these real estate techniques will be brand new drawers in your tool box that may tend to get used more than the other oh-so-easy-we-pay-cash-in-three-days strategy.

These 5 Strategies will open up your thinking into wealth creation, controllable financing, movable collateral and when properly positioned, allow you to strategically create your own, long term, low interest revolving bank.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

-Why Cash Is The Lazy Mans Way To Riches

-How To Solve Deeper Needs of Sellers Who Have Built Their Lifestyle On Cashflow

-How To Position Yourself To Buy More Property On Owner Finance Terms

-How Owner Financing Allows You to Profit While Minimizing or Eliminating Risk

-How To Buy Property On Great Terms and Build Wealth

-How To Buy Property On Great Terms, Flip It and Keep The Financing

-How To Buy Property On Great Terms and Sell It For Profit and Interest Margin

-The Single Most POWERFUL Strategy for Controlling Properties and How To Profit WILDLY for As Little As $1

Quotes to Live By:



Show Notes.

0.25:      Understanding that cash is the lazy mans most understood way to riches.

1.20:      Why you feel you need cash to buy real estate

2.02:      Process of buying cash

2.33:      SSDA (Same Stuff Different Address)

3.23:      How savvy income earners don’t need more cash

5.07:      How real estate empires are being made without cash

7.20:      Owner financing the property on a long term hold to keep it as a rental property

8.05:      Negotiating great price/terms with the owner

9.20:        Structuring long term income and wealth creation

10.25:    Giving the seller promissory note / mortgage

10.30:    Structuring the deal to pay them some form of interest only or more payment or amortized payment over a duration of time

10.45:    Why you do interest or more type of deal

11.10:    Why doyou should pay  ‘interest only’ the 1st year

15.50:    Having an exit strategy on owner financing.

17.16:    Owner financing the property with the intent of selling it.(A bank of Us deal)

17.28:    Terms on this fall into two categories – your price, my terms or  your terms, my price

18.26:    Structuring and controlling the financing

19.00:    The seller holds the promissory note as well as  the mortgage

20.00:    The real opportunity you get after you sell the property

24.22:      How this method ends up saving you money over time.

25.43:    Always try and trade your lenders up

26.11:    Owner finance with the intent of selling it on a wrap note

26.33:    Again negotiate great terms

26.39:    How the whole deal is structured to create passive growth and income

28.00:    Becoming an asset manager

28.14:    Step by step explanation on how you structure the deal

28.20:    The seller holds the note and first position mortgage

29.04:    You sell the property at a higher cost and pocket the margin

29.27:    The breakdown in numbers for this

33.08:    The option Agreement

34.00:    Why your option page should be 2- 5 page long outlining all the details you can use

35.00:    The Strategy demystified

36.40:    An option allows you to control without obligation

37.07:    Its up to you to Exercise your option at any point

37.55:    The great thing for using the option agreement in a climbing market

42.28:    Use it with your own code of ethics and understand guidelines

43.16:    Understand your strategy while going through every single one of this real estate opportunities

43.52:    Quote – You want to own nothing and control everything

44.00:    Personal experience – How I made 10 times more profit on deals I had 0 risk

44.12:    Example outline

45.25:    Get educated and understand what strategy to use

45.47:    Action steps – Develop a cash reserve and  then focus on developing your wealth strategy

45.59:    Building wealth is a slow game

46.19:    Where you can get educated and get a deeper understanding of this

46.43:    Make cash your last option

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