Defining Your Entrepreneurial Balance.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving

-Albert Einstein

Balance is good, because one extreme or the other leads to misery, and I’ve spent a lot of my life at one of those extremes.

-Trent Reznor

In this episode we discuss How To (Find..and) Keep Your Entrepreneurial Balance


DO NOT take this podcast at face value. Consider the true essence of YOUR life hanging in the balance and take a few small action steps towards becoming a little more clearer in life about who you are, what defines you and how to let that light shine to its fullest…That is my wish for you =)

I cannot afford to let this just be another post. This podcast comes from the bottom of my soul and spills out with conviction on how critical this is to living life well.

Standing at my sons 10th birthday party re-woke me up to this. I remember thinking as he blew out his candles…”this was why I started in real estate”.

10 years later, I have been very blessed to give my son a lifestyle I was not able to have as a child and most importantly, my time.

We must carve out our times in the clock that allow us to look back and say “yeah, I am glad I took that time” or live with the notion that by being disciplined enough to work out every day not only helps us to live fuller, more focused lives but it also  promotes us to live better throughout our “golden” years.

This podcast was meant to shake you up. Stir things inside. Question your motive.

P.S. If you like this podcast you will love the movie Click with Adam Sandler. I have an amazing story behind this movie but thats for another day. Im sure once you see it, you will be able to relate.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Why Are So Many People Out of Balance
  • What Does It Mean To Be Balanced?
  • How To Get A Clear Perspective of What YOU Want From This Life
  • Defining What Matters To YOU In Life
  • How To Frequently Refocus Your Life’s Balance
  • How Being Balanced Actually Improves All Areas (and Quality) of Our Lives
  • Getting Out of The “Grey” Zone
  • Creating Conviction Within Yourself To Succeed and Remain Balanced
  • How To Define Your Entrepreneurial Balance in Three Simple Steps
  • Plus Two Bonus Steps To Increase Your Strengths (True Strengths…none of that IQ or personality BS), Awareness and Productivity

Quotes to Live By;

[tweetthis]“Success is Getting What You Want. Happiness is Wanting What You Get”[/tweetthis]

[tweetthis]“Bigger The Why. The Easier The How”[/tweetthis]

Show Notes.


0.20:    Why this is resonating with most people

3.20:    Quote – “Success is getting what you want, while happiness is wanting what you get”

4.30:    We don’t know what we want in life we typically just know what we like

6.15:    Hard fact – people who go after significant amount of wealth generally will sacrifice other areas of their lives

9.25:    Four important highlights and topics

10.13: Mention of a podcast – the interview with Joe Girard

10.39: Defining what matters

12.53: Why it’s not a bad idea to replay your life from the date someone reads your obituary

14.08: My personal experience

16.43:  Quote – If it’s out of sight it’s out of mind

16.57:  Filling in a to do list to help you achieve your goals

18.25: Building your life around the things that matter

20.30:  Why so many people are out of balance

21.59:  Some reasons that put people off balance

26.13: How debriefing and rejuvenation time helps

26.52: Another reason putting people off balance

28.48: What people should be going after

29.10: Quote – You can measure the success of a man by counting the things he has that money can’t buy

31.29:  My personal belief

31.46:  How balance actually promotes success

32.07:  An example of items that consumes a majority of entrepreneurs

32.23: My personal take

34.01:  Getting yourself out of the “grey zone”

36.00:  Advantages of a balanced life

36.38:  When sacrifice leads us to increased success

36.52: My personal take

40.47: Making up your mind

41.05: Make up your mind that you are successful

41.55: Understand what you will stand for

42.48: A must watch  “Travis Pastrana rally car crash” on You tube

44.43: A glimpse into the life of my friend Joe Girard

45.56: Joe Girard – Is the greatest salesmen in the Guinness book of world record

48.29:  If you want to have a follow up with Joe, Comment Below

48.41: My personal take

50.36: Dr. Seuss definition of down time as “waiting place”’

51.11: Mention of another podcast –  How my life changed by defining my –why)

52.07: How I look at real estate

54.05: Action Steps

59.10: Taking the Kolbe report

60.42: Where to find us

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