Finding A Mentor Part One.

“A truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget”

Are you looking for your mentor? I know I am always looking for mentors in my life. The way we envision finding them is often the complete opposite of how to actually find them.

Pete would have never been my mentor had I stopped at the first sign of resistance. This may be one of the most profound breakthroughs of my business career that paved the way for what I will go through to achieve greatness.

In this quick tip episode I discuss how I crossed paths with one of the greatest mentors in my business life.

Mentors are able to provide invaluable insight, straight-line accountability and ultimately drop bits and pieces of their youth to help you better understand why it is so crucial to manifest balance and excellence in our day to day climb.

I always remember Pete telling me he sacrificed years of his life to teach real estate investing at local colleges and clubs on Wednesday nights. He frequently told me that if only he had a handful of young, driven guys like us, it would have allowed him enjoy it more.

So in exchange of his knowledge and wisdom, we give youth to our mentors.

What made our relationship so powerful is not always drilling Pete for info, but getting him out in the field, back in the game.

My partner and I would frequently pick up Pete, and before lunch we would go look at a property we just locked up, closed on, renovated or flipped.

One time Pete gave us an address lead and said, “I think this guy may want to sell, do what you do and get ahold of him”. A few weeks later at lunch, when it came time to pay the bill, we pulled out $5000 in all $20s and dropped it on the table and said “you can pay this week”.

Pete put his hand on the money, looked all around and felt like he was young again flipping deals.

We flipped that deal and made good money so we made sure Pete felt a part of that celebration and boy did it ever pay. Pete became a walking advocate for his team.

*NOTE I also must note there is a large divide between a mentor and a paid consultant. I have paid tens of thousands to paid consultants, thinking they were truly mentors. A person who makes the time to be a true mentor, will not ever care about being financially compensated for their time. Their biggest payday is seeing you succeed. They have likely already made their fortune.


Share you mentor stories and get your mentor questions answered below. All the listening in the world does no good without action.


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