Finding A Mentor Part Two.

“A Mentor is Someone Who’s Hindsight Becomes Your Foresight”

Finding my second mentor definitely taught me that persistence can only get us so far. For the most part, I am convinced that this was a supernatural act of God to put the right person in my life, who could make introducing me to one of the largest independent landlords in South Florida seem like a clerical task…and it was.

This mentor was a little different than Pete from Michigan.

In this podcast I reveal how I discovered my mentor and how I set about to make friends with him. I had done my homework diligently, wrote my letters consistently and still was never able to get him to respond.

Until one day, those tables turned in my favor.

Listen in as I uncover the unlikely event that put me in contact with one of the humblest, over-achiever independent landlords in South Florida and the simple wisdom and insight he encourages and lives by.

I am not sure on his net worth and ultimately it doesn’t matter. However, I am intensely intrigued by a character that has achieved his level of financial success in life and NEVER lets it be known.

Whats extremely unique, is how intrigued he is by our real estate business and all the knowledge we share with him.

The bottom line is that REAL mentors are out here. Property owners and real estate professionals JUST like you that are panning for gold in all the relationships the skim over through life. Grab a pan, head to the stream and start panning through to find those golden nuggets.

Share you mentor stories and get your mentor questions answered below. All the listening in the world does no good without action.
Love what you heard? Share this with the world. Its how you make a difference.

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