Finding Yourself, Detoxing Your Business and The Real Secret Behind Failure.

In this episode we discuss Finding Yourself, Detoxing Your Business and The Real Secrets To Succeeding.

We dig deep into the entrepreneurial identity, what it takes to run a business with passion and authenticity, getting clear, removing bottlenecks and how business owners become entrepreneurs.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The Biggest Breakthroughs in Business.
  • How To Build a Self Managing Company.
  • How Entrepreneurs Are Different Than Business Owners.
  • Why You Should Discover Yourself Before Starting In Business.
  • How Your Passion Fuels Your Fire For Growth.
  • Why Failure Is A Great Measurement Tool.

Quotes to Live By

Show Notes:

Business Detox Call

Interview by Christian Chabi

Interviewees :

  1.  Erik Stark
  2.  Steve Mills


9.03: Erik Stark intro’s

9.40: Steve Mills intro’s

11.45: Erik Stark – Answers the question “what are the struggles and challenges faced in the


12.30: Erik on – The quote governing our office by Rick Shefren “If you really want to get control

of your business you have to stop chasing opportunities and begin working a strategy”

13.40: Christian Chabi’s take

13.59: Steve Mill – His take on the struggles they have faced and how to overcome them

17.15: Steve – Most common problem that people face “Not knowing their own identity”

17.50: Steve – An example on the “identity crisis”

18.30: Steve- Kolbe test and how its teachings help

19.45: Steve – Why delegation is key

21.00: Erik – Added nuggets

22.05: Erik – Resolving growth issues

22.54: Steve Mills – On The evolution of the investor entrepreneur

23.10: The value of coaches, groups in helping you to grow

25.35: If you are not learning then you are dying

25.47: Christian Chabi : On not re-inventing the wheel

26.22: Steve Mills – Explaining the saying “Go to subway or go pro”

29.40: Christian Chabi – one habit or tactic you use that helped you evolve in the business

30.25: Erik stark – Working on myself

33.19: Steve Mills – Explains the different stages and or learning styles people go through

34.20: What is kolbe?

35.45: On the number of deals they have made and how they have done it

39.50: On what really brought a change in the business

40.10: Erik Stark – An example

43.05: Steve Mills – Understanding the basic terms in real estate

46.45: Small lists bring big cheques and big lists bring small cheques. Build your territory lists

48.33: Steve asks if you are a classic individual or a blanket model

49.00: Steve Explains how to “Go deep not wide”

50.00: Erik Stark – Persistence in marketing

53.42: What we call a “slow dance”

56.20: Steve Mills – Trust in partnerships and making partnerships work

59.40: Steve Mills – Responds to the “turn and burn mentality”

67.05: Steve Mills and Erik Stark respond and give advice to “their 25 year old self”

71.24: Erik Stark – On holding on more real estate

72.15: Erik quotes Frank McKinny “Risk sooner and far more than you are comfortable with”

74.22: Steve on the quantity over quality model

78.50: Books that made an impact for Erik and Steve in 2016

Erik – “Oh! the places you’ll go” by Dr Suess

Steve – 25 Year Framework by Dan Sullivan

85.25: Steve says “Stop doing things that push you start doing things that pull you”

87.25: Steve explains what is the “largest cheque”

88.30: Erik & Steve Goals for 2017

97.55: Christian – Word of thanks to Erik and Steve on his personal journey

99.00: Steve exposes what he is sick and tired about

102.16: Steve – expounds on who a real entrepreneur is

102.50: Steve – on the book “The IT Factor”

103.27: Christian – Winding down the podcast

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