Getting Off The Wholesaling Hamster Wheel

Thank you for listening to this highly informative podcast that will help you debunk some common myths, shatter ridiculous misconceptions and help lay the necessary foundation for building a successful real estate business. If you are here looking for the magic pill for instant riches, I can save you the time of searching since you wont find it here. This podcast is for those who are ready and willing to work hard and simply need a proven road map to getting into real estate.
In this episode, I discuss how transition from a wholesaling maverick to a real estate buyer who’s main focus is to build wealth and collect real estate rather than assigning your riches away for pennies on the dollar. I lay simple groundwork and strategies that you can put into practice starting with your very next phone call.
Turn off your distractions, grab a pen and paper along with your favorite beverage and take some notes, write some questions, doodle some strategies and review the resources so you can implement these ideas into your business and begin getting the results you deserve.

What You Will Learn In This Episode.

  • How to start building wealth through your wholesaling business
  • Why wholesalers have a major advantage over the rest of the market
  • The strategy for keeping the best homes
  • How to reposition yourself
  • Turning buyers and sellers into lenders
  • Owner finance, land lording and wrap notes
  • Blending cash cows with appreciating properties
  • Case study on exactly how this works
  • Plus much much much more…

Quotes To Live By

 “Youre only as good as your last month when your wholesaling properties”

 “Assign as a last resort not a business model”

 “Buy 3, Flip 2, Keep 1”

Resources From This Podcast.

Learn to Build Wealth: How To Structure Your Next Wholesale Deal
In this episode I discuss how to take a lead that has a very thin margin for cashing out the seller and restructure it to gain control over an excellent asset, with minimal down that allows you to repurpose its value and give you several options to profit from.

How to Build Wealth From Your Next  Wholesale Deal
In this podcast I break down and direct how to transition from wholesaler to wealth builder, how to position yourself as a buyer/marketer, where to find sellers who are most likely to sell you their properties on owner finance terms, what these sellers want in order to do business and several other strategies that compliment the perfect wealth building toolbox.

5 Ways to Structure Your Next Real Estate Deal
In this episode we discuss 5 Ways to Structure Your Next Real Estate Deal.

Entering into the world of creative real estate allows you to design a whole new structure to your real estate business that doesn’t formally fit into “arms-length” foundations. By understanding the legal possibilities, being able to hear a sellers real needs and by knowing how to convey a win win scenario, these real estate techniques will be brand new drawers in your tool box that may tend to get used more than the other oh-so-easy-we-pay-cash-in-three-days strategy. These 5 Strategies will open up your thinking into wealth creation, controllable financing, movable collateral and when properly positioned, allow you to strategically create your own, long term, low interest revolving bank.


This infographic breaks down the simplicity of the deal we discuss inside this podcast. It shows how we take control of an asset through owner financing and then have the ability to sell the asset and separate the bricks and sticks from the financial side of the transaction. This allows us to move collateral and control other assets with the same funds used to initially secure the property. Listen and follow along and you will be sure to learn how to do this with your eyes closed.

Show Notes.

0.28: What it took for me to shift from wholesaling
1.48: The reason for the podcast
2.00: How to transition from being a market dominating wholesaler to a wealth building property buyer
3.43: The control that wholesalers have in the market
6.10: Understanding that you have an advantage over the competition
9.03: Be prepared to take the good properties off the market
11.10: You should position yourself as the person making all the rules
14.10: Value of having cash flow
15.23: Having some form of freedom Number
20.38: Re-Positioning yourself
23.52: When the re-positioning should start
27.53: Best way to repositioning yourself
35.32: Our proven model “Buy 3 Flip 2 Keep 1” or “buy 5 flip 4 keep 1”
37.16: More on owner financing, land lording and wrap notes
42.12: An example of a deal we made
46.01: The power of moving collateral
50.08: Super charged properties
54.35: Blending appreciation and cash cows
1.00.11: Case study –Knowing the blend
1.09.50: You’re only as good as your last month
1.11.35: Quick step by step rundown of the podcast
1.13.49: 3 Podcasts that are a must listen
1.14.39: Where to find us
1.15.34: Vote of thanks

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