How To Get Started In Real Estate For Less Than $100

“Formal Education Will Make You A Living. Self Education Will Make You A Fortune”

-Jim Rohn

“Never, Never, Never Give Up”

Winston Churchill

In this episode we discuss How To Get Started In Real Estate For Less Than $100.


If you want to SERIOUSLY get into full time real estate and change your financial future…DO YOURSELF A FAVOR… skip the seminars, forget the home study courses, don’t attend another webinar.
Listen to this podcast and TAKE ACTION. If you want to become a real estate investor, you will never “learn everything you need to know” and “the time will never be right”. The time is RIGHT NOW and its time to do everything you need to do to get in front of buyers, sellers and lenders of real estate and begin matching them up for fun and profit.

Don’t let the overwhelm or expense hold you back from getting into real estate. Many of todays investors, myself and partner included, got into the business on a shoestring budget, without knowing everything…and spent a fortune in the process.

Some of it helped. Much of it was rinse-repeat information.

The principles of real estate will never change. They have worked long before you and I roamed these streets LOL (you’ll get it when you listen).

If you want to get in real estate, you need to put an immediate line of contact between you and the markets most probable and likely sellers.

If you want to stay in real estate, you need to create a healthy blend of the markets most active buyers and lenders.

Listen in and take massive action. THIS WORKS. THIS WAS MADE FOR YOU.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

-Why You Should Go Deep Not Wide.

-How To Find Properties In Any Market That Are Most Likely To Sell That Most Investors Don’t Know About

-Where You Should Begin Investing (Finding Your “Farm Area”)

-What Criteria Will Tell You If You Have Found The Right Farm

-What EXACTLY You Need To Do To Find Properties No One Else Has Access To

-How To Find Property Owners Who Don’t Live At Their Home

-How To Get Responses From Property Owners In A Competitive Market

-How To Fish Out of Your Own Pond and Make Sure Others Don’t Stumble Upon It


Quotes to Live By:



Show Notes:

1.50:      Strategy and principals that I use in my business that’s low entry and recoups overtime

3.05:      The five topics that you will  learn about

3.33:      What you will need – Broken down

5.23:      Reference to another podcast on persistence “Why you need to be persistent and consistent”

6.53:      Setting the stage –Going deep and not wide

8.29:      Creating a list of off market properties

9.10:      Understanding the market place

10.52:    Identifying your farm area

11.10:    The criteria’s you look for when looking for a farm area

14.57:    Why you never introduce yourself as a wholesaler of properties

15.57:    Getting and wrapping your mind on the data you need to extract on the area

17.06:    How you go about this process

17.53:    My personal journey on this

18.35:    What to look for in a nutshell

19.50:    My little caviar “when in doubt mail it out”

21.21:    Develop an eye for the most beautiful properties

22.40:    Develop an eye for properties being “flipped”

23.33:    Most important aspect of finding properties recently purchased

23.50:    Your utmost task as an investor

26.20:    How normal people in a community can be a wealth of knowledge

27.49:    The mammoth task of cleaning and organizing the data

28.31:    What to look for – via public records

29.52:    Why categorizing your properties is important

30.46:    Being unique while interacting with your audience

31.30:    Adding your own personal touch

32.12:    The different categories you should have

33.49:    A word of advice

35.05:  My personal Strategy

36.30:    Great ways of capturing and keeping track of the properties

38.18:    How to develop a compelling message

41.24:    Understanding that our goal to this point is to get the response, to set the appointment, to get face to face and close the sale

42.34:    Fishing in your own pond-Going directly to the masses in a strategic way

43.30:    Mark Kramer reveals his experience with us after 3 days in the field

44.18:    Recap and action steps

45.32:    How to connect with us


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