How To Make Money in Real Estate In 2018 and Where We Made Our Last $250,000

“If you wish to get rich, save what you get. A fool can earn money; but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own advantage.”
― Brigham Young

In this episode, David Toupin and I discuss how to make money in real estate in 2018 and tell you how we made our last $250,000. We will discuss an over the top wholesale deal that can be done with a little strategic positioning, hear from my co host David Toupin (host of the Heartbeat Podcast) on buying his last 96 unit apartment building as well as how to assign your next deal for fast cash AND get the sellers proceeds as long term, low rate amortized interest from a deal that weren’t interested in buying.
Turn off your distractions, grab a pen and paper along with your favorite beverage and take some notes, write some questions, doodle some processes and review the resources so you can implement these ideas into your business and begin getting the results you deserve.

What You Will Learn In This Episode.

  • The best place to make money in 2018.
  • Ways around property tax increases:- pros and cons.
  • Insights on deals that Erik and David handled.
  • Factors you need to consider when purchasing new properties.

Resources From This Podcast

The Heartbeat Podcast
Multi Family Deal Analyzer

Show Notes

1.07: Where and why we need you to leave a review
2.14: What to expect in the podcast
2.33: The best place to make money in 2018
2.39: “Value Add” What it means
4.20: A glimpse at a deal that Erik handled
10.00: David’s take on “Value Add”
11.41: A glimpse at a deal that David handled
15.13: “If you want to create wealth in real estate, you have to know how to add value”
15.23: What other factors you need to consider when purchasing new properties
16.37: Where to find help in working out what taxes you will encounter
16.54: Ways around property tax increases:- pros and cons
17.23: Legal Disclaimer!
18.08: Quick , Easy “value add” tips
18.32: Rents
19.00: Utility bills
19.49: Repairs
20.08: Payment to management companies
20.25: Where to find more tips from David for a strategy call
22.00: Tools David uses to get investment from banks
22.23: The difference between “how to” and “know how”
23.08: Erik sharing where they got their last 250k and probably the next
24.58: “you don’t need agent representation” that statement explained
27.11: The difference between an option agreement and purchase agreement
29.58: How to get creative when doing deals
35.44: Where to leave reviews on iTunes
35.48: Where to find the podcast on “you tube”
35.56: Where to listen to the podcast “heartbeat” “realestatewhenyoudrive”

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