How to overcome being overcome

“Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity”

In this episode, David Toupin and I discuss how to overcome being overcome. Being an entrepreneur is the loneliest job in the world. Keeping your energy bank filled is what makes you operate at your best. In this episode you’ll learn a quick little exercise that will give you a mental reset and bring you back to clarity when you get overwhelmed. You’ll also learn how to avoid being overcome by reducing the amount of negative energy you consume indirectly from others in your life.
You can also download your free worksheets below that will help you overcome being overcome when you are feeling overwhelmed. Use them wisely. Use them often.
Don’t forget, “its not the critic who counts or the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or whether the doer of deeds could have been done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena”
-Teddy Roosevelt

Turn off your distractions, grab a pen and paper along with your favorite beverage and take some notes, write some questions, doodle some processes and review the resources so you can implement these ideas into your business and begin getting the results you deserve.

What You Will Learn In This Episode.

  • Understanding that whatever level you are they will always be frustrations.
  • Entrepreneurship is a series of problems you have to solve.
  • The best way to feel better about your life is giving a helping hand to someone who needs it more.

Resources From This Podcast.

Show Notes.

1.00: Topic of the day “How to overcome being overcome”
1.12: What’s happening in Erik’s personal life: – Charity work, business etc
2.40: Where to get an informed choice when donating for a course
4.15: Understanding that whatever level you are there will always be frustrations
5.28: Entrepreneurship is a series of problems you have to solve
7.09: Quote by Tony Robins “In your head you’re dead if your heart you’re smart’’
8.03: David shares the problems he is tackling
9.45: Why you should stop complaining
12.04: You have an obligation to fulfill an opportunity
15.09: How David overcomes his problems
16.09: Erik’s framework for a mental reset
18.15: Mention on the book by Erik “What matters growth journal”
19.29: Erik explains the step by step process you can follow to overcome frustrations
19.58: A quick framework from Erik’s book “What matters growth journal”
22.32: When you take responsibility you take much more action
24.08: The best way to feel better about your life is giving a helping hand to someone who needs it more
25.48: David’s real problem that he overcome
28.34: When you learn how to tackle problems, good things come your way
30.22: A tip from Erik’s billionaire mentor “Beg for forgiveness but don’t ask for permission” explained
34.30: Humble yourself and don’t act you know everything. Ask for help!
36.15: Open yourself and make everyone your mentor
37.56: A “sabbatical” an age old principal in relation to the topic today
39.55: You tube channel David’s (Heartbeat company) Podcast Erik’s (Real Estate While you Drive)
40.50: Comment and help us grow the podcast
41.16: Vote of thanks
41.32: Mention on the book “How to buy your 1st real estate property and the next 100” Giveaway
41.54: Where to get a free copy of Erik’s free book

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