Overcoming Opposition, Defining Your Gifts and Giving At Full Capacity

One of The Hardest Things To Get Another Person To Do Is Make A Decision. We Humans Love To Overthink Everything”

Ryan Stewman

I Just Got Good At Getting By Until I Got My Shit Together”

Ryan Stewman


This Episode Includes Raw Language – Adult Supervision Is Advised.


In this episode we discuss Overcoming Opposition, Defining Your Gifts and Giving At Full Capacity with Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman aka The Hardcore Closer is lighting the world on fire right now. With his hardcore sales approach, his NO BS attack on life to his F$%& Your Excuses Message That Is Going Viral, Ryan is giving salesmen and lead generators a dose of what we all need most.

Hardcore Reality

I sit down with Ryan for a few short questions to expose how he went from living a life of overwhelming opposition to living the penthouse lifestyle, running a 7 figure business to being a full time dad to a loving supportive spouse.

What I heard is EXACTLY what I look for in todays Greats.

A small, but potent dose of effective productivity nuggets we can use to get an edge on life. Listen in and BE SURE to give your feedback and questions you want for our follow up podcast. Stay Tuned.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

How To Overcome Adversity

How To Pull Yourself Through Any Form of Opposition

How To C.A.T.A.P.U.L.T. Yourself into Success

When You Should Pull Your Ace Card In Life

An Insane Time Management Tool Called…Scheduling

How To Find That “Tipping” Point In Your Life

Show Notes.

00.27     : Guest intro achievements

02.13     : Ryan Stewman – “The man at a glimpse”

04.53:    Erik: What gets your motivated/excited?

05.05:    Ryan: I used to find inspiration watching people like Tony Robbins. But now I am motivated by my fans and people who write to me and tell me the progress in their lives

05.54:  As far as projects I love writing at hardcorecloser.com

06.57: In essence I sell stuff and create content

08.28 The “12 minute version story” of Ryan Stewman on Facebook

09.49     :Ryan’s take on who goes into sales and how he is helping people in that sector.

10.13     : Reference to Zig Ziglar

11.26     :Ryan’s says “There are plenty of places that will take you if you are not perfect”

11.40     :The Infamous “Fuck your excuses message”

12.08     : How do you help students that come for sale training?

12.52     : Ryan explains How he helps people

16.32     : What was your anchor or motivator when you were going through the hard times.?

17.44     : Ryan explains what held him together

19.45     : Reference to an article “Addicted to success” in a website by Ryan Stewman

19.53     : The highlights on what the catapult method is

20.37     : Ryan explains how he was free than most after getting off prison.

20:30     : An in depth look at the acronym C.A.T.A.P.U.L.T

21.32     : C – Commit to working through it

21.56     : A – Admit responsibility

22.13     : T – Tell yourself its temporary

22.23     : A – Act as if you already have worked out of it

22.48     : P – Put yourself into a position to win

22.59     : U – Utilize every ace that you have

23.28     : L – Let the stress and tension build

23.40     : T – Trigger the momentum

24.20     : – Erik: When did you develop the steps?

25.37     : – Ryan explains how the CATAPULT came to being

27.35     : – Ryan explains how he gets various things done

27.44     : Digital calendar by schedule once at meetme.so

28.00     : How and what goes on the schedule

35.48     : what is your process for taking an idea from vision to development?

36.14     : Ryan’s thought process better explained on competiondemolition.co

38.00     : Social Media Pages as a source of content

38.34     : A look at the team behind the man

40.50     : Sativa or Indica The Infamous Question Everyone Keeps Asking

41.39     :You can find Ryan at clyxo.com/closer

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