Relationships That Pay – An Interview With My Mentor Pete Mancour.

Pete Mancour is a living legend and one of my closest mentors.

Pete began his career in the construction business in the early 1970s. Going to work for the largest land and lumber baron in town, Pete quickly observed first hand what he wanted…and didnt want. Make the Top 100 list of National Contractors by 1981, Pete was a trailblazer of his time paving the way for today’s construction workers and house flippers. Having inspected thousands of homes, owning one of the nations largest construction companies, buying and selling hundreds of homes, teaching at a professor level at local colleges and REIAs, being a mentor to local Boys and Girls clubs, raising children and being a wonderful husband Pete became the leading authority in his marketplace with one single strategy. Outworking his competition. Listen in as my mentor tells what its like to grow to fast, stick with it just a little longer and what he would do differently. I invite you to lunch with me and my mentor.

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