Simple Strategies To Raise Private Money For Your Real Estate Deals.

“Money Is Like Manure. If You Spread It Around, It Does A Lot of Good. If You Pile It Up In One Place, It Stinks Like Hell”
-Clint Junior

In this episode we break down the complex world of raising private money and make it simple.

By getting into the mind of private money we are able to provide security in an economy that seems to operate like the wild west. By educating them on their money growing options we provide real, tangible results to taking control of their financial future.

This podcast will give you a complete understanding what lenders want, how to position yourself to get a “YES” and the do’s and don’t’s of raising private money.

We will also take you through the process of converting two of our lender relationships and how we positioned ourselves to begin borrowing money and a few easy to implement action steps to help get you prepared for your private money meetings.

Show Notes:

0.12:         Disclaimer

3.57:      The mind of private money

4.44:      The majority of people who borrow money at low interest rates tend to be scared

6.23:      What banks typically do with money at their disposal

9.29:      Why real estate and real estate lending is the fastest, most secure aspect of lending to the market place

10.42:    How people typically invest or handle their money

16.40:    What lenders are looking for when borrowing money

19.38:    How real estate gives security and collateral

22.07:    Demystifying “Rock bottom Interest rate”

23.55:    How to position yourself when raising private money

24.05:    Qualifying your lenders as a way to show diligence

25.56:    Being professional and have excellent customer care

26.28:    How we treat our lenders

31.18:    Why you offer and never ask

32.03:    Quick Example

34.03:    Why you should have some sort of case study to show the lenders

35.59:    Do’s and Don’ts when looking for private money

40.01:    How we typically do our payments

42.00:    Personal Story 1

42.32:    Understanding why “we don’t chase opportunities, we work strategy”

45.10:    Positioning yourself perfectly and showing them the benefits of going with you

50.42:    Personal Story 2

51.09:    Title companies as a source of funding

52.30:    Approaching title companies to look for private money

54.48:    Using any activity around your farm area to look for private lenders

55.33:    Understanding the serious laws of borrowing

56.27:    Action Steps

65.00:    Avenues to contact us

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