The Podcast On Sellers. The Not So Secret-Secret To Negotiating, Taking Sellers Off The Market and The 6 Must Know Facts You Need Before Meeting With A Seller

“No One Cares How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care”

Thank you for listening to this highly informative podcast that will help you debunk some common myths, shatter ridiculous misconceptions and help lay the necessary foundation for building a successful real estate business. If you are here looking for the magic pill for instant riches, I can save you the time of searching since you wont find it here. This podcast is for those who are ready and willing to work hard and simply need a few ideas, tips and strategies to implement in their business.

In this episode, I discuss the secret sauce to buying more real estate. We live in a disconnected world ran by technology. People have lost touch with how to engage with humanity. Listen to these simple to implement strategies and practice being human again and you will discover the “secret sauce” to buying more real estate through simple interaction that you ever will being pushy, salesy, entitled or egotistical.

Turn off your distractions, grab a pen and paper along with your favorite beverage and take some notes, write some questions, doodle some strategies and review the resources so you can implement these ideas into your business and begin getting the results you deserve.

What You Will Learn In This Episode.

  • What “Framing” Is And How Humans “Frame” Everything  About You
  • How To “Disrupt” Their Framing By Starting With HOW You Answer Your Phone
  • 5 Simple Questions That Get Sellers Rambling On About The Answers We Need Questions To
  • The One Thing Every Human Requires In Order To Feel Connected
  • Why Voice Level, Inflection, Posture, Tone, and Body Language Play an Important Role In Our Conversations With Sellers
  • How I Revery Awry Sellers Back To Harmony When  They Call Us And  Are Disgruntled
  • How To Take Sellers “Off The Market”
  • The BIGGEST Secret In Dealing With People  (SHHHH, Dont Let Anyone Else Know)
  • 6 Facts You Must Know Before Walking Into A Meeting With A Seller
  • How To Position Yourself For Success On Seller Appointments

Quotes To Live By

 “The Job Of The Negotiator Is To Discover All Forms Of Agreement”

 “Your Quality of Life Is Determined By The Quality of Your Questions”

Resources From This Podcast.

Seller Questions and Seller Facts – Download this question and practice these until they become natural. You will discover unique ways to slip in these questions during your conversations that reveal many unseen and unheard opportunities for you, to provide you with understanding of your sellers.

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Robert Chaldini – Influence Book

Show Notes

0.06: What to expect in the podcast

1.12: Different ways people learn

2.51: The job of any negotiator

4.12: Simple negotiation of an offer

5.00: A personal example

9.20: Tony Robin says “the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.”

9.49: Some books that are a must read – “Influence by Robert Caldini”

9.59: Person to learn from – Dr. Michael Shadow “Highest paid negotiator in the world”

11.44: Negotiation 101

13.26: Mention of the previous podcast that lays a foundation

15.45: When the show time begins

17.42: What callers hear when they call me

20.01: Let them do the talking

20.19: People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care

20.47: 5 questions to ask during a phone call

22:13:  The 1st Question to ask

24.45: The 2nd Question to ask

26.10: The 3rd Question to ask

27.34: The 4th Question to ask

28.56: The 5th Question to ask

30.11: Why do we do this?

32.12: What we have come to learn

34.11: Couple of ques you can listen for to understand or be understood

37.03: Hearing someone’s posture

38.00: The words that they choose

39.27: Personal story

41.58: Quote from Albert Einstein “ I cannot make anybody do anything I can only make you  think”

43.11: Common responses from honoring people

43.25: Quick example by reference of “Jean”

45.28: You will lose your audience if you tell them the reality they don’t want to hear

48.30: Getting sellers off the market

49.27: Some study statistics

52.14: How we are beating the statistics

57.19: Appealing to people selfish nature

58.32: 6 facts you should know before entering into a meeting with a seller

59.08: What are the values in this immediate area?

1.01.01: Are they willing to sign an agreement today?

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