Why You Need A mentor.

“Work While You Have Light, You Are Responsible For The Talents Entrusted To You” – Elbert Hubbard

As I sit back and analyze why more people aren’t living the life they deserve and becoming entrepreneurs I look at the variables of the situation.
There is definitely no shortage of people who “want” to be rich an powerful and “own” their business but having skills enough to be the mechanic doesn’t qualify most people to become entrepreneurs.

The knowledge is certainly available. Actually the overwhelm of knowledge may be a hindrance to most people. Where do you begin? With the internet available and millions of websites how are you assured that the “system” you invest in is truthful and able to work for you? There are millions of gurus, business models, franchises, training programs, seminars and online college programs to help those looking to educate themselves and breakthrough with the next Facebook or Apple craze.

Then why are there so many disappointed buyers with a dusty product on the shelves. Why are there so many college students who are jobless with the skill sets to fuel a global market place?

Small business owners collapse and shut down every day. Gurus stand in front of sold out crowds and blatantly tell them only 3% of you will ever succeed in this business.

Most courses, programs and products are designed with one success story in consideration-THEIRS. They lack the ability to give all the variables. They are produced based on the opinion, qualities and characteristics of the producer. So it’s likely to say that if you don’t possess the same skills your success won’t be as great. If your good at doing all the action steps but lack good sales skills, your missing a vital piece to your purchased success.

The major issue is they also lack any sort of accountability. This is a fine line because I do believe all teachers want to have a personal relationship with each and every student but they can’t spend endless hours going over entry level concepts when they are advanced level educators. I have incredible relationships with my top mentors, mainly because I don’t hesitate to write a check for their knowledge, instead of learning (and paying) the hard way.

You see, humans are lazy creatures. As long as people can pass blame onto someone else, they don’t ever have to face the fear of growth or pain. Same goes with home study courses. People often return them due to ridiculous claims of outrageous results, and as much as people hate being “sold” into the program is by letting your emotions build on those ridiculous results.

I have been told numerously by all of my highly paid mentors (just as an expensive reminder) that NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE YOU RICH! Let me paint a colorful picture for you.

Over the past three years, Steve and I have turned our house flipping hobby into an actual company that has responsibilities and bills to pay. Along the way we have made some pretty decent money. So before long, we got a few people who seen what we were doing and wanted to learn from us and find out what we were doing and how we were doing it. Actually, there were alot of people wanting to know. We took time out of our lives (and time away from our money making business) to help these people for absolutely no compensation. Before long, we realized these same people we were teaching were moving away from us and becoming competitors of ours. Well now, not only did we lose the opportunity to make money inside our business, we gave away free information to people around us who took the information and used it against us. Now, a few of the students remained loyal and grew as we grew and a few things separated them from the rest. For one, they provide alot of value to us and our company. They bring leads, buyers, money, resources (most people don’t know what to do or say when they meet a potential lender…do you?) and give us an even trade off for the education they get from us by freeing up our time to do more money making opportunities. These students know that they are still responsible for getting things done and making the money, BUT, they know that by providing value to us and sticking around, we shake off tens of thousands of dollars worth of opportunity that they can pick up and be a part of.

We simply “pass off” opportunity to our local students for them to act on and turn into money. We are busy creating BIG opportunities but with multiple streams of income, you need a vested interest of partners who can manage those streams to make sure the money comes through…

…But lets look closer. WHY do these team members stick around and continue to be successful, while the others left and got lost? Very simple.

Those who stuck around have a mentor (actually 2) and continue to grow and flourish while the others, took “the home study course” version and are since lost in the economy.

Having a mentor is absolutely crucial for situations just like this. Someone you can always count On to pull you through blind incidents and get you results that you expect. Someone you can personally interact with to boost your spirits, guide your through the pitfalls, let you know winning isn’t everything and losing isn’t failure. Someone who can walk you through that crumbling deal that is about to fall apart and put a “tweak” on the situation that clears everything up.

If you have invested heavily into information products with little to no results, you need to get a mentor. Someone who can dig deep and get to the root of your goals. Someone who can give you a 40,000 foot view of yourself. Someone who spends the agonizing time to learn new concepts, spends the money to discover them and hand them down to you without any of the frustration…you need a mentor!

Looking for a mentor? Here are a few things to consider before latching onto your mentor!

Track record- What credentials does your mentor have that will contribute to your success? Do they have any specialized skills, knowledge or training to help you achieve these same results?

Availability- Is your mentor available to speak to you when you need to get an answer?

Beliefs and Morals- Does your mentor have solid moral beliefs? Are they an extracurricular contributor to the community? Do you have any opportunity to view them in action or just daily life and see how they handle an adverse situation? Go cut them off in traffic and see how they respond.

Honesty- Do they play by the rules? Ask how they handle situations where someone feels shorted. Do they take the loss so others can be satisfied?

Active Approach- Don’t confuse passivity with ignorance or lack of aggression. Successful people usually operate on a higher level of morals and standards but will never tolerate abuse or misrepresentation that might suffer them a loss. Make sure they are assertive.

If your looking for a qualified mentor to lead you to the path of happiness I would read the Bible and don’t move on until God reveals happiness to you. If you want to take your business, finances and life to another level while having someone chisel away at that invisible barrier, go right here! http://www.fearlessflipping.com/get-personal/

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